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How to Adjust Wheel Alignment - Workshop Insider

Workshop Insider - Wheel AlignmentWhat is a Wheel Alignment?Wheel Alignment refers to the adjustment of a vehicle's suspension. A proper wheel alignment will allow the tires to make contact with the road evenly, and extends the tire life. A proper aligned vehicle will also have a smoother ride, better handling and fuel economy!When do I need a alignment?We recommend doing a wheel alignment every...

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How to Install Bumper Paint Protection Film (PPF) - Workshop Insider

Workshop Insider - Paint Protection FilmHow to Install Bumper Paint Protection Film (PPF)Today we're going to show you how we install paint protection film on a 2022 Nissan Kicks! PPF is recommeded to install on high traffic area of a vehicle, for exmaple, the hood and the bumper, to reduce the risk of having rock chips, scratches or any paint damage of your vehicle. This is a very cost...

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