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Shopping for a car can be daunting. It's a big investment and it's not always easy to decide which model or make is the right fit for your needs. To help guide you in your hunt, why not look to hear from those who have already gone through the process--customers! With customers' testimonials at hand, you'll be able to gain valuable insights that will give you an inside look at how certain cars performed. Keep reading to learn what our customers had to say about their experiences with us!

Mugi | Tesla Model Y

We are elated to hear that our community partner, HJ Cambie Secondary School, along with their friends Mugi and her pals, have purchased two of our Tesla Model Y's from our Elite Product Advisor Dickson! We are always happy when we get the chance to provide our customers with new vehicles. Innovation like this isn't just good for our business but it also sets a great example for the rest of our customer base, showing what kind of opportunity is available through the products and services that we offer. It's important for companies to have customer loyalty, so having initiatives like this are a major source of pride!

Sandeep & Suguna | Hyundai Elantra

Sandeep and Suguna are just getting started on their journey in Canada, but they have already taken a big step forward with the purchase of their new car from us! It's understandable how overwhelming it can be to start a new life in a different country and not having a car can make it even more difficult. Fortunately, our Product Advisor Sahil and our finance team helped guide Sandeep and Suguna through the car-buying process and got them set up with transportation to explore their new home. Congratulations Sandeep and Suguna -- here's wishing you much joy as you embark on this amazing adventure together!

Jessica | Nissan LEAF

Jessica was overjoyed when she bought a Nissan LEAF for her daughter. Our Prodcut Advisor Winnie made the process of purchasing it smooth and easy, and she was more than pleased with the customer service she received. When her daughter opened the door to the shiny electric vehicle, she could hardly contain her excitement! Not only was Jessica saving money on fuel, but also helping save the environment at the same time. Her daughter had found her perfect car and everyone was thrilled with the outcome -- a guaranteed win-win situation for all.

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